Creating art is not just for the sake of art, it is an extension of oneself and deep realization of the world around you. The act of art ignites the brain and enhances one’s senses, it wakes emotion and creates life meant living.

The connection between art and human should be an emotional one. I believe that art bridges the gap between emotion and touch as it has the ability to ignite the viewer. Art is not just a visual representation, but a form of communication that transcends all language and culture.

My art is spontaneous as well as methodical. Many pieces emerge quickly, others evolve. I believe art should not be created for the sake of creating it, it should be created as a means to connect people, to feel something, to express oneself and to ultimately share an experience. Through my art, I am able to share my personal sense of light as well as darkness.


Art, painting, is my release, my escape and passion. It is my challenge, my hope and ... my muse.